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We have been growing and eating chillies since 1990 when I was travelling the world experiencing the fantastic verities of chillies out there and the amazing cooking you can do with chillies.

Change of direction

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I am sorry to say that we have now closed our on-line shop. We feel that there are more places than ever to get chilli products now so we thought we could bring more to the... READ MORE

We Have Changed Name

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Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year You are at the home of the new Dry River Chillies re-branded website, 2015 is a new start for us, so it was a good opportunity... READ MORE

Bring Your Chilli Plants Indoors

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As the weather starts to get colder now that the clocks have turned back chilli plants will be triggered to go into a winter dormant stage. Basically what happens is the plant stores... READ MORE